Illustration showing two winged insects in oak tree.

A Charming True Tale

About Deep in the Branches: Never straying far from the oak branch where her children were born, a mother treehopper dedicates her days to watching over her family. She watches as her children develop and grow, changing size and shape with each passing day. In time, each of her children will leave the oak branch in search of new lives away from their mother. But when curled wings keep one child bound to the branch where she was raised, the bond between mother and child blossoms in one of the least expected places.

Deep in the Branches recounts the true tale of motherly love that has enchanted audiences since 2017. After spending a month photographing a colony of oak treehoppers in her local arboretum, conservation writer and photographer Danae Wolfe shared her story on social media and later from the stage of TEDxColumbus. Her TEDx talk has since been featured on and her story about discovering a mother’s love in the most unexpected places continues to charm audiences around the world.

Example illustration from Deep in the Branches picture book showing mother and child insects.
Example illustration from Deep in the Branches picture book showing oak leaf.
Example illustration from Deep in the Branches picture book showing winged insect taking flight.
Danae Wolfe headshot.

Danae Wolfe: Author of Deep in the Branches

Danae Wolfe is a conservation writer and photographer whose work focuses on promoting appreciation and stewardship of bugs. Through public speaking, writing, and her web and social media presence, she’s helping people see the beauty and diversity of insects and spiders while advocating for their protection.

Danae is the author of the best-selling new release, The Fantastic World of Bugs, published in 2022. Her work has been featured in Nature’s Best Photography, Beautiful News, and the conservation streaming platform WaterBear. She writes a column for The American Gardener Magazine and offers workshops and talks for garden clubs, schools, and nature-focused groups on backyard conservation and macro photography. Learn more about her work.

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