A bit about the Chasing Bugs name…

The name started simply enough. Any great macro insect photographer knows you must spend a lot of time chasing bugs to capture the perfect portrait. But over the years, my name has grown to signify something so much greater.

Today, I’m chasing the idea that we can change our ways to support not only insects and spiders in the home landscape, but all wildlife. I’m chasing the idea that, through education, people can learn to appreciate local nature in ways that lead to stewardship and sustainability. We have but one planet—let’s take care of her.

Chasing Bugs Logo.

A bit about the Chasing Bugs logo…

From a nondescript bug to the current firefly, the Chasing Bugs brand has been through a few visual iterations over the years. In 2020, I was excited to launch my new firefly logo.

Fireflies, or lightning beetles (family Lampyridae) are not flies at all. Fireflies are beetles and they are one of the rapidly declining families of insects in the world. Researchers believe light pollution and development are two of the primary factors involved in firefly decline. However, current research is severely lacking. 

Through education, I hope homeowners will make more sustainable landscape decisions that support fireflies and other insects and spiders in their communities.

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