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Homegrown Conservation: Creating Climate and Wildlife-Friendly Yards

Climate change and biodiversity loss are creating existential threats to people and nature. But we can help. In this presentation, you’ll learn about how traditional landscape management is contributing to climate change and biodiversity loss and discover small steps we can all take in our own backyards and communities to steward our landscapes for nature and wildlife.

Backyard Stewardship for Beginners: Protecting Our Littlest Neighbors

From pollination to decomposition, insects and spiders are vital to the health of both human and natural systems. In this session, you’ll learn about the importance of insects and spiders and explore ways to protect and preserve bugs in your own backyard through sustainable land stewardship. Our conversation will be centered around six simple conservation practices that you can get started with right away. We’ll move beyond just planting native to include other important stewardship activities including reducing light pollution, eliminating invasive plants, and practicing integrated pest management in place of preemptive pesticide application. 

High Magnification, Low Cost: Macro Photography on a Budget

With just a few simple tools and some practice, high magnification photography can be an accessible and fun way to highlight the tiniest details of your garden. In this session, we’ll explore low-cost macro photography setups and techniques including reverse lens, extension tubes, and mobile macro tips. Get ready to see the world through an entirely new lens!

Storytelling through Photography

From steadfast survival and pollination to charming tales of maternal care, insects and spiders keep our gardens buzzing with adventure. Join bug and botanical portrait photographer, Danae Wolfe, on a journey through your garden to discover the stories of backyard bugs. Learn how these small creatures support our gardens, ecosystems, and our most beloved wildlife.

Chasing Bugs offers both face-to-face presentations as well as virtual talks.

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