Chasing Bugs is the blog outgrowth of my personal Facebook page, Wolfe Macro Photography. For years, I’ve been posting images of insects and spiders on my Facebook page. I’ve drastically improved my photography techniques and quality of images through a lot of practice, patience, and trial and error. I decided last year to start a blog so I could start teaching others about my experience. I hope that you find the posts useful in developing your own macro portfolio. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

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Why Chasing Bugs?

Because I literally chase bugs. I chase bugs through my backyard. I chase bugs through public gardens. I’ve even chased bugs down the street if it means capturing an interesting photo of an amazing creature. I often photograph bug habitats as well, which means I’ll post images of botanical portraits and gardens. (In case you were wondering, flowers are easier to catch than bugs.)

Be Kind to Earth’s Creatures

Because I value environmental appreciation and stewardship, Chasing Bugs strives to teach only techniques that allow photographers to capture images of healthy, living bugs in their natural habitat. Rest assured that you won’t find photos of frozen, dead, or otherwise manipulated species on this blog.